Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Wake Way

Yes, I've been MIA this week, but...

I worked 5 days last week! I started hospital orientation at WakeMed on Monday and have been there every day since.  I am sooo not use to working 5 days a week. Holy-throw-off-my-schedule! I'm very glad to be finished with that and I'll be working Mon-Wed this coming week in one of the ICU's.  During orientation we had many many speakers come to talk to us - pharmacy reps, blood bankers, infection control peeps, consultants etc etc.  We learned about the "Wake Way" for hours and heard all the typical customer service spiels.  I took classes on the charting and physician ordering systems, how to administer meds and did a bazillion online tutorials.  We also had to take a ton of tests, several of which were super hard! I had to use some major brain power.  Good news is - all this is over and I passed all the tests and I'm all set to go Monday morning at 6:45am.  I'm super nervous.  It all feels real finally.  WakeMed does a lot of things very different from what I'm use to so I'll have some major adjusting.  I'll be working with another RN for all 3 shifts next week and then my manger says we will "see how I'm doing and go from there."  I wish I could get at least one orientation day in each unit so when I go there for the first time I have some clue to what I'm doing and where stuff is.  Sometimes I get really freaked out thinking about how crazy this might be, but then I tell myself - deep breaths and lots of questions.  I'll have nurses all around me to help and I'm sure I'll pick up all the computer charting and ordering systems soon enough.  I'll be blogging next week after my 3 shifts - fingers crossed I survive this! 

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