Thursday, June 2, 2011


We spent 2 nights in Myrtle Beach over Memorial Day weekend (yes, it was black biker week) to celebrate Frannie's last single days.  We had an amazing time - obvi!  We got there Friday, went straight to the beach, had a few beverages, ate pizza in the hotel room, had a few more beverages, and then headed down to the hotel bar by the pool.  Apparently, we were there for 2 hours but my mind leads me to believe I was there about 20 minutes. I ordered shots of water if that tells you anything. :) I also have a large hematoma on my left knee from tripping (and falling) over the fence trying to get to little Fran sitting near the ocean all by her lonesome. I got to her, after much pain and effort, and immediately, she stood up and left me. A giant bruise for nothing!

Some of those crazy girls woke up at 7am on Saturday. You heard me right - 7am! They tried to get us up but we weren't having it until at least 9:30.  After we peeled ourselves away from the covers we headed down to the beach and stayed there until 5:15.  We had dinner reservations at 7:00 at Chesapeake House and OMG was it delish.  I had fried shrimp, flounder and crab cakes!! Mmm - I am getting excited to go back to the beach in August JUST so I can eat fresh seafood again. I also had a massive amount of hushpuppies and the mystery "fish stew". Anyway, dinner was followed by bar hoping (and crawling) over to Broadway at the beach.  I don't remember every going there before and I think it would best be described as a bar mall.  It was so much fun - and the rest will just have to be left up to your blogger following wondering minds. :) 

Fran's awesome suit thanks to Emily!
We learned passing around a bottle of wine on the beach was not ok


Our black biker week friends!! (Cindy + Kimmy)

Have a guy take off his boxers and wear them on your head...


The Before
The After - 1/2 of us
(please notice the cab driver is now in the pic and Emily got the boot...)

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