Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I know, I know, I've been totally MIA.  I've been working on the new WPP blog + catching up with all the work we've accumulated so this blog has taken a major hit.  Plus, I'm not working nights at Duke anymore and that's where I did a ton of blogging. I'm still at WakeMed and still loving it.  My schedule is kind of crazy, signing up for shifts, get cancelled, then called in, blah blah.  All is well as long as I work at least 24 hours a week.  So far I've been working 36+ so this makes the hubs happy. :)

Last weekend we went to Myrtle Beach for Fran's bachelorette party - I'll be blogging + posting pics on this soon. I headed up to SML for Sunday and Monday and had a great time with the fam-in-laws.  Our photog business has been soooo busy.  Currently, we are working on changing our name and completely rebranding our whole business.  When we started Windy Peak we had no idea we would cater towards weddings as much as we do.  Since we have found our niche, we want our name + logo + website to feel more bridal/wedding ish. You feel me?  I can't let out any secrets just yet but I have a few surprises up my sleeves!

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