Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4th can be fun without a big 'ol party too!

On our way home from Charleston we stopped at South of the Border for some good 'ol tacky fun.  It was actually my first time stopping - although I've seen the 92837 billboards down 95 my whole life, I've never actually stopped to check it out. It was...interesting.

Please enjoy Aus' little photoshoot...

We got some fireworks for our mini firework show in our cul-de-sac on the 4th.  Since we weren't able to celebrate on SML with the ginormous firework show they put on - we had to bring the firework show to us.
Chris, Kristin and their little dog Chance came over to grill + have some beverages + enjoy Aus' (who is a total pyro) show.  Molly and Chance loved each other and played the whole time - Chance is a vizsla which is a similar breed to Molly.

This pictures does nooo justice to these fireworks!  For real,  best homemade fireworks I've ever seen.  They went a good 200 feet up in the air and burst a huge circle the size of our cul-de-sac.  The man who sold them to us said, "get these. maximum gun power allowed by law." We were sold.
Molly, on the other hand, did NOT love the fireworks.  Austin and Chris set off bottle rockets in the backyard, those that make that super loud screaming noise and are pretty much pointless.  Molly hid in the bathroom for hours, would not come out, wouldn't eat a treat, tail ducked and ears back. :( So sad!!! Once she finally came out she curled up on my lap and wouldn't leave my side.  She even bought herself a night in the bed (yes, you heard that right) because we felt so bad leaving her alone.  Poor little brown dog - note to self: no fireworks for Molly next year!


  1. did u have to include the photoshoot? never intended on those being kept.
    those fireworks were amazing. we will make that drive for them again next year.

  2. umm you know I don't take pictures to keep them to myself. :)