Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday--blogging just to blog.

 Random tid bits going on in the Green house--
  • We have an appointment for Molly to be spayed August 4th.  She spends the first night at the vet and then I'm taking the next day off from work to be at home with her. I'll get to play nurse with my pooch! :)
  • I'm still liking my job at WakeMed a lot. I'll still say it is very different than Duke, in good and bad ways. I like the excitement of coming into work and not knowing which unit I'll work in.  It's kind of like, who cares how awful this day and these patients have been I won't be back tomorrow!  I've been all over this hospital - from the PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit "recovery room" after surgery- and personal fav) to all the ICU's (Neuro, Cardiovascular, Surgical, Medical and Cardiothoracic) to the Observation units (patients coming in with minor issues) and even sometimes I'm on the telemetry floors (rare and NOT a fan).
  • UNC hospital called me back about the job (Documentation Specialist) I interviewed for back in February. They called to offer me the job - which was exciting at the time but given how I'm feeling about my job at WakeMed and the salary I have now I had to decline. It's nice to be wanted, tho.
  • We are headed to the OBX with my family for a week in 23 days!! Counting down!
  • All is well in Windy Peak world.  Aus is pretty much running our business from his current job and it's working out great for us.  Fingers crossed we stay this fortunate!  
  • Speaking of Windy Peak, we are about to hit our huge wedding season.  Starting August 13th we have 6 weddings in 7 weeks.  I'm super excited - but pray for us. 
  • My sister-in-law Leila turned me onto this blog and I'm completely obsessed. This woman is HILARIOUS hil-ar-i-ous!  Please start by reading this post, and then this, and let me know watcha think! 


  1. I work with an RT that also works at WakeMed Cary, small world! glad you like it. i live very close to first health mrh but after moving here, wasn't exactly jumping at the chance of hospital work, so pharm/medical sales is where i am now!

  2. This chicken will CUT. YOU.

  3. I work for Family Medical Supply, the best way to get into the market is to start talking to people. Find out what area you are most interested in and search out those reps and ask questions. They can help you better than just applying randomly to big corporations. Our main focuses are respiratory needs and wound care needs. Hope this helps =)

  4. Hi Ashley. I'm trying to figure out where your pictures of the Greenbrier Weekend are located.