Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st Anniversary!

It's so hard to believe we've already been married a year.  We celebrated while we were in OBX, which was a perfect spot for our anniversary since we got engaged at the beach too.  We opened our presents and cards in the morning, chilled on the beach with the fam all day and then had a fabulous dinner at Tale of the Whale.  It was a perfect day! 

We took part in the tradition of eating the top of the wedding cake on your first anniversary and let me just tell you how DELICIOUS it was.  So. So. SO. Good. I definitely expected to bite into it and spit it out but that was not the case! Between Aus and me + the rest of the family we ate the whole thing! I swear it was just as good as on our wedding day.  I think the secret was how my grandmother wrapped it up.  She wrapped it in cellophane over and over, then tin foil over and over, then put it in a plastic tupperware container and did this immediately after the wedding. Thanks Gammo for hooking that up!

The cubs ball was off of Austin's groom's cake.  It was only ok, but it was only ok the night we ate it too.  Chocolate pound cake...mehhh.

We drank a bottle of this champage the night we got engaged, toasted it at our wedding and then drank it on our 1st anniversary.  This bottle was actually leftover from our wedding. Delish!
The moment of truth...

He knows the way to my heart...
...and I know the way to his.

I love being married to you, Aus.  Cheers to many more!

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  1. so cute! happy 1 year anniversary, this weekend (sept 3) will be my/my husband's 7th! insane!!