Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Abi is 8!

Who can believe Abi is 8 years old? We can't! She will be starting 3rd grade next week.  We had a little luau party for her while we were at the beach since we wont' see her on her actual birthday, August 31st.  We had a great time and she got lots of great stuff!   

Our Birthday Girl! 

Checking out all her loot! 

What flavor is it?? Vanilla? Chocolate?

She couldn't believe it! 

My mom made this rainbow cake!  So awesome!  I'll post the recipe and how to make it soon! 

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  1. THE RAINBOW CAKEEEE!!!! I've seen this on COUNTLESS food blogs and have been dying to find an excuse to make it!! I love that you did this! I'm sure she LOVED it! :)

    What a sweet girl. Can't believe she's 8!!