Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a few updates...

  • Molly has been great since she had her surgery last Thursday.  Since the moment she got home she was back to her same ol' self and the only way we knew she had surgery was the 5 inch incision on her belly.  I'll be taking her stitches out in another week and she will be all good to go! 
  • Sunday we woke up and headed to Cornerstone Presbyterian Church for the morning service.  Aus and I are in the process of church "shopping" to find a good fit for us + our future family.  We've shopped around a bit before but this time we are determined not to stop until we find the perfect little church for us.  We liked this one pretty well but we are going to try out a few other services before we make a final decision.
  • We shopped a bit later that day (tax free weekend, holla!) and relaxed at home with Abs.  We had typical Sunday night Mexican after we dropped her off with her mom then came home and did WPP work the rest of the night.  We have been so busy.
  • This coming Saturday (13th) marks the first day of our huge wedding stretch so we are preparing for that.  Tying up loose ends with clients, catching up on all our taxes and accounts and mentally preparing for these long hours. We love it though.  We do have a nice week long break in between all this madness. OBX in 10 days!

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