Monday, September 19, 2011

This is it, I promise...

Ok, so enough of the couponing blog posts...this will be the last I promise. I went back to Teeter last night for one more round (since I got a few new coupons in the Sunday paper yesterday) and I did ok.  I didn't take pictures of everything but did want to share my numbers. My total was $70.16 but I saved $50.74 and only paid $19.42. I also went back on my old posts and added in my VIC savings, making my numbers even better!  I realized I was only including the "coupon savings" section of the receipt when really I save with the coupons and the regular VIC sales.  I would still get the VIC savings without couponing but still, savings is savings.  I finally convinced Aus to go with me last night and boy was that a bad idea. He rushed me the whole time and was completely annoying- he even started clapping his hands giving me a round of applause when the total at the registered came up. Embarrassing. He didn't take my couponing very serious and will not be invited back again! Which I know he is glad about and was probably his intention the entire time. :)

My triple coupon week totals at Harris Teeter:
total bill- $215.42
total savings- $152.90
total spent- $62.51

Pretty cool, sign me up for the extreme couponing show! HA :)


  1. Gah thats awesome! We went on Friday and the problem with our Teeter is everything that is a good deal is always out of stock! So annoying...i'll have to try hitting it up on day one of triple coupon week next time.

  2. I've run into that a little bit too...I was definitely expecting it to be a lot worse after reading a few blogs with people saying they get up at 6am on the morning of the first day and stuff is already gone! You must have some extreme extreme couponers in your neighborhood that are racking it all in!

  3. This makes me jealous. I try to be good, but we don't have a Teet down I'm going to have to figure it out on my own!

    Also - being a total foodie doesn't help the grocery bill ;)