Friday, September 16, 2011

Round 2...

 I went back to Harris Teeter for round two today.  Here is what I got:

My total was $88.99 but I saved $74.99 and only paid

 $14.00! For ALL that stuff!

I've decided couponing is sort of like a giant scavenger hunt, trying to find all the specific items the coupon asks for and hunt up and down the aisles.  It is a fun game to me and now I find I'm timing myself to see how fast I can get in and out with the specific items on my list...a true scavenger hunt! 

I am trying to get Aus to come along and play, he takes 10 items, I'll take the other 10, and see who can find them all the fastest. He isn't having it.  Actually, he doesn't even like telling people I am using coupons and refuses to go to the grocery store with me and my coupon book. Ha. He will come around. :)

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