Friday, September 16, 2011

Coupon Craze

 So, it's time. It's time I tell you. I've jumped on the bandwagon and joined the extreme couponing craze.  I started clipping the coupons in the Sunday paper about 6weeks ago and now have a nice little collection. I've done okay so far- saving  about $30 with each grocery store trip.  Typically, I spend anywhere from $100-$120 a week on groceries, adding up to $450-$500 a month. I saved about $100 last month. I've talked to several of my coworkers about their grocery bills/couponing etc. and they totally got my hooked.  One girl told me she feeds her family of SIX (four school aged kids) for $150 a month. SO nuts.  I know I'll never be that good, but any savings is better than none at all. Yesterday started the infamous triple coupon week at Harris Teeter- it lasts from Wednesday (9/14) to Tuesday (9/20) at midnight.

WELP, here was my first triple coupon experience:

The total was $118.77 but I saved $89.73 and only paid $29.04!

My total really would of been about $20 if it wasn't for Aus making me pick up a rotisserie chicken + deli made potatoes for dinner.  Those aren't even in the picture, so really, I got everything in this picture for around $20! Not too shabby, eh?

The rules at Teeter- they will triple any coupon under $.99.  You can use 20 coupons, per day, per house hold (tied to your VIC card). So, many people go everyday during this week and use their allotted 20 coupons each trip.  I definitely had more to use so I'll be going back another day, if not two, while the sale is still going on.

These are my two favorite blogs that give me all the info I need- Southern Savers and My Coupon Teacher.

I really only read about Harris Teeter and the sales they have with the coupon match ups.  I'm not investing a ton of time into this so I'll never be driving around to numerous grocery stores to save- watch me eat those words! I am definitely the girl in the grocery store with the coupon binder that I use to make fun of. (I only have a small little accordion pocket thing.) I think I like it so much because it's like a huge game- 'how much can I save this trip' and y'all know how much I like my games! :)

How do you coupon? How much do you save? What are your favorite coupon blogs?

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