Monday, September 12, 2011

Catch Up...

I've been a bad blogger lately--terribly bad!  Y'all know how busy we are with weddings and various photo shoots these days so you'll have to bare with me until, eh, November!?! AH! We are slam packed busy until we leave for our Barbados trip October 26th...which is in 6 WEEKS...the count down is on!

This last week-end we had a nice break from weddings and my bestest friend Frannie came up Friday night for a nice slumber. We actually worked on her up-and-coming blog and I'll  be sharing that with you real real soon...stay tuned. :)  Frannie brought her dog, Lady- she came up so Molly had a little friend to play with too.  They enjoyed each other a lot...hopefully soon Molly will be where Lady is on the chillness scale. One day, hopefully...

Abi was here with us too and the two of us spent the day Sunday (Aus had to work) eating lunch, shopping at Toys R Us and doing fun girly things when we got home. :) She is such a sweetie and I am so proud of her...she is growing up so fast! She now has an e-mail and that is just WHOA to me. Sunday night Aus and I went to see The Help since I just finished the book. It was so so good.  I'm not sure if I'm extra hormonal right now or what but it was super emotional to me.  Definitely a tear jerker, definitely a must see...Austin liked it a lot too.

Our sister-in-law Alissa will be delivering our new little niece so so so soon! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I think about you every day, Liss and I can't wait to meet baby Caroline! Rest assured I will have lots of pictures and blogging as soon as she gets here! :)

My dad will be visiting us real soon...he is coming the last week of September and staying about 6 days.  I am really missing him so this is a much needed visit! I can hardly wait until next summer when he is here in Raleigh with us permanently.  Actually, I can't wait for BOTH my parents to be in Raleigh (or somewhere close by) permanently.  I haven't lived in the same city, or even within a few hours of my parents for a looong time. I am totally looking forward to this.  I tell Austin all the time the best years of our lives are about to come. :)

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  1. Give Alissa and Peyton our best as they get close to delivery! Thinking about you all!

    Kristen & Hunter