Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Hiiiiiii blogger friends! I, and every one else in blogger land have been super busy and awful at updating my blog. I figured out the reason why: (well a huge part of it anyway) I use to do about 80% of my blogging at work, while I was working night shift at Duke and had lots of downtown. Well, now that I work days it's a completely different ball game and much harder to sit down for a blog post. Anyway, I am going to try and update more at home because I really do love keeping this blog active!

Not a whole lot of new news our way. Just getting ready for Christmas, and our Christmas party on the 17th! I've sent out the invites and decorated the house, now I'm just planning the menu and figuring out a few details. I know almost everything I'm going to make but I'm still deciding on the punch. This is our 5th Christmas party and I've always made the same punch, ginger ale/champagne/vodka/fruit concentrate typical fizzy punch. I may do it again, because I do love it, or venture out on something totally different.  We plan on getting two kegs so we can have a variety of beer for folks. Austin likes dark and heavy beer and I find a lot of people don't so we want to have a mix. I will be sure to post all the final details after the holidays. All I can say about all this party planning: Thank goodness for Pinterest! It will now forever be my party planning and entertaining guide. :)

Our invitation! (...with our info, of course.)

We went to Alabama for Thanksgiving again this year. We had a great trip, other than the fact that Austin and I were sick half the time. I got sick Thanksgiving night (had to pull off the side of the road to throw up on our way to Target at 12:00am!!) and then Aus got sick Friday night. It was pretty awful but only lasted 2 days for each of us thank God.

Speaking of Target at 12:00am - did anyone get an amazing black Friday deals? I got a few things but nothing big. I was pretty excited about my tupperware set for $6 and mini vac for $9. I am definitely not that into black Friday. I just can't deal with the crowds and all the waiting in lines. I totally prefer cyber Monday and really racked up this year. I got about 40% of our shopping finished in just one day. Plus the convenience of it all, yes please! What are some of the deals y'all got???

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