Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Woohoo! I am finally able to visit Vegas! I am SO SO exited about this trip. We first started talking about it when we found out the WPPI (a wedding photographer association) was having their annual convention at the MGM Grand in Vegas. We talked about it for about an hour and then knew we would definitely have to make this happen.  First of all, I've never been to Vegas, and considering that amusement parks and casinos are my top two favorite things to do in the whole world, then I'm long over due. We will be going on business but worked in a few play days too. :) We are staying for a week, and although the conference has classes and a trade show all week, I'm sure we will squeeze in plenty of roulette playing. My friend Frannie told me there is an amusement park in Vegas too, and if that's the case, holy cow I will be in heaven. Although we may do other things like rent a car and drive to LA, or visit the grand canyon. If I know my husband, we will be doing lots of exploring. :) We leave on Thursday February 16th and come back the next Wednesday. I am so pumped!!! We are staying at the MGM, which I guess will be a nice place. I didn't do crazy research like I normally do, picking out the place we stay and tripadvisoring it to the max so I'm hoping just my just go with it approach will work this time. I've heard all those hotels are fabulous so I'm sure we will be A-ok!

Can not wait to be here!!!

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  1. Is it possible that you will explode into glitter when you get there?! haha! I don't mean to burst your bubble, but I am not actually positive that there is an amusement park in Vegas. I was just saying IF there was you would lose your mind. I am sure there is one...I'll research for you. :)