Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our weekend + Randoms...

 I have a few pictures from our weekend with all the babies! Caroline is 4 1/2 months old now and getting cuter every day. She is so much fun to play with now and she even rolled over for us twice while we were there on Saturday. I'm pretty sure she's a genius!

 Isabella turned one and here she is LOVING her birthday cake! She was so cute!!
 Aus got me these cosmetic bags from Pottery Barn for Christmas and I just LOVE them, so I wanted to share. You can order them here if you likey, too! The two sizes are perfect for all your makeup and hair products, straighter, etc. The larger size fits my straightener, 3-4 bottles of hair gube, lotion, toothpaste etc. It's pretty hard to find bags of this size so that's another reason I wanted to share them. Funny story, this is actually the second set of bags purchased from PB. The first set, Aus monogrammed aMg. haha. Bless his heart.

I have been meaning to share with y'all this watch Austin got me for my birthday! It was a super surprise, and I don't hardly ever get surprised! (I am normally sneaky sneaky) but this was a total shock to open. It's a Michelle watch...ever heard of it? I hadn't. The great thing about them (which is unlike almost any other designer watch) is you can change the band! I find it super hard to commit to gold or white gold, since I love wearing both, but since my rings are white gold I had to have a white gold watch. I got this watch and also a red band and a black band to dress it down or wear with my gold jewels. The lady helping us made a good point...when you switch the band on your watch it's like wearing a brand new watch every time. So true! I love that. Do I have the sweetest hubby in the world or what?

We are headed to Las Vegas on Thursday for the big WPPI (Wedding Photographers International) conference. I am SO excited. It just hit us a few days ago...it's almost time to go! We have a lot of classes and seminars to attend, plus a HUGE trade show but we will still manage to have a little fun. We are deciding on a show or two to see while we are there...any suggestions?

I just realized this post makes Austin look pretty amazing, haha. I guess I should brag on him a little bit since it is Valentines Day and all. I sure do love that sweet man! Sorry to get all sappy on ya but I really do feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I woke up to red tulips in the kitchen this morning too. :)

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