Monday, June 11, 2012

A little pinterest project!

I will be back with updates on Aus soon but today I have a quick little post about these books my Mom and I just made. We saw these on pinterest but I think ours turned out way cuter! They are books of all our wedding cards! We just made cute little covers to jazz them up a bit. We ended up making 3 separate books with our wedding cards, engagement cards and then a book with cards from all my bridal showers/parties.They were so easy to make and I just love them! The silver rings are from my Michales (or any craft store) and then we just hole punched the cards and strung them together. 

This purple book has all the cards people sent us after we got engaged. I made it kind of beach themed since that's where Aus proposed. OKI = Oak Island...where Aus popped the question! 

I just love how they turned out! And so much cooler than sitting in a box!! 


  1. me make these. I literally save every card ever given to me and I never know what to do with them! It seems wrong to throw them away! You're so crafty! Help a sista out, you know I struggle in that department:)

  2. Adorbs! Especially the wedding one! You've been busy the past few days, Mrs. Green! :)