Friday, June 8, 2012


Thursday night Dr. Clary came in Thursday night for his usual visit and to talk with us about the day. He then gave us the best surprise ever! "Well, instead of going home tomorrow...what do you think about going home tonight?" YES PLEASE! Austin had a great day and we knew we were ready to go home. "What was the point in spending one more night?", he said. Exactly. Oh I love that man even more! 

Overall, I was very impressed with our hospital stay. Austin had great nurses, great doctors and great all around care. It felt good being back at Duke, especially right next to my old ICU. It very much felt like home to me. 2200 will always be home! I feel very very blessed. Very blessed to have so many people looking out for Austin and making sure his every need was met.

Here is Aus after he got dressed waiting to peace out of 2329!     

Outta here! 

Finally back at home with his animals. No place like home. 

Molly girl is so glad he's home! 

So far so good since we've been home. I feel like Austin can really rest and heal now that we are home. We still have lots of family in and out and love visits from our friends. Aus is in great spirits and focusing on his recovery. His pain is really well controlled and I am most thankful tonight for that! Thank you GOD for taking such good care of us! 

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