Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday...Post-Op Day 4

Whew! The days are really flying by. It's crazy it is already Tuesday. They took out his foley catheter today and he has already peed since it was removed so that is great news. (He had an issue last time they tried to take it out and ended up having to put it back in so I am glad it looks like that won't be happening this time.) He is having kind of a crummy day. Just doesn't feel well, isn't as awake and talkative as he has been. When one of the doc's came by a little bit ago we were telling him about how his day was and that he felt kind of crummy. I also told him Aus' tummy seemed a little more distended to me today and he agreed so they ordered a KUB (X-ray of his abdomen) to look for any air or swelling of his stomach. 

They just came in to tell us Aus does have a small ileus, which is basically a bowel obstruction. They aren't too concerned, just reiterating the importance of him walking around trying to get his bowels to move. They will probably start him on more aggressive laxatives tomorrow. His stomach wasn't swollen, so no NG tube...whew! 

Aus this morning. Not really feeling it. :( 

Leila sent Aus these pretty flowers and balloons today. They are so bright and fun! We sat them up near his TV so he can look at them. :)

A few of Aus' favorite toys these days. Back scratcher, stress ball, and his incentive spirometer (helps him take deep breathes and expand his lungs). 

I was talking to one of the Doc's that I know personally, Sabino, for a long while today. (He was in surgery with Aus, working with Dr. Clary.) We talked about Aus' surgery some more and how well everything went. He confirmed again that to the naked eye they removed all of the tumor. There maybe a few microscopic cells that will need treatment but we won't know that answer until the pathology comes back. It felt good to hear that again, I sure hope that thing is out of here! 

We are having a slumber party in Aus' room tonight! I was needing some extra TLC from my mama so she is staying with us, too. We fit two of these big recliner chairs in his room and we are having fun! 

Hope we have another good day tomorrow. Can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday...

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