Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday...Post-Op Day 3

Well, we had another good day today. Aus was up and walking around the halls again, eating more jello and drinking lots of juice. His favorites are red jello, cranberry juice and chicken broth. They told him this afternoon he could drink coffee so he is super pumped about that! They plan to advance his diet tomorrow and hopefully he will get some food with a little more substance. ;) 

Dr. Clary came in today for the first time since the operation and had a great report. He said he was very pleased with how things were progressing and that Austin may go home as soon as Thursday. wahoo! He said Austin's liver function was improving and right on track. (There is/was a chance that Aus' liver wouldn't function correctly since such a huge part was taken out...but it seems that isn't a issue so far so that is great news!) They were also toying around with giving Austin blood today since his levels dropped a bit but opted to hold out since Aus wasn't symptomatic with the low counts. They did give him a dose of lasix (a diuretic) to remove some of the extra fluid Aus had on board. He responded well and peed 3 liters! Whoa! 

Bobby brought Aus a few lotto tickets today...we were hoping we may scratch off a big winner to pay all the medical bills. We won $10...ha! 

Love looking at that sweet face! This is after they removed his central line (big IV in his neck) wahoo! 1 more thing out of his body! 

This was definitely the highlight of our day today! Well my day, haha...poor Aus can't eat any yet. Coconut chocolate covered oranges and strawberries and milk chocolate and white chocolate swirled covered bananas.YES PLEASE.

Today we had several visitors, our parents, of course, and a few friends. A few of Austin's friends from Danville are coming to visit tomorrow so he is looking forward to that.  

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