Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday...Post-Op Day 2

We are really making progress!! Austin got out of bed again today and even walked around the nursing unit! He did really well. His blood counts are a bit low so when he gets up he feels pretty dizzy and weak. He made it a whole lap around the unit though. They started him on clear liquids today too and he has had jello, cranberry juice, beef broth and an orange popsicle! He says he really wants to eat more and feels hungry. This is a good sign! A lot of his labs are already back to normal (they were way out of wack pre-surgery because of this tumor) so that is very encouraging! 

We have had so much support from our family and friends this weekend. I am beyond thankful for them. Austin really enjoys all the visitors and company during the day. Even if he falls asleep mid sentence while talking to them. :) 

First bite of food...

Ready to roll! 

So happy. So blessed. So emotional tonight. So happy he is going to be healthy again. I have never felt peace like I do right now. We have obviously been through a lot but tonight it is all starting to make sense. When the nights are quiet, and it's just the two of us, I start to understand. This is God's plan for us, and I see what a wonderful plan it is. 

I love you my sweet angel!

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