Thursday, July 26, 2012

!!!!!!!!! AUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick update on Austin: we got the results back from the biopsy (of the suspicious lymph node) yesterday and they were NEGATIVE aka NO MALIGNANCY aka NO CANCER! Holy moly excited! I can't even put it into words...I felt like my body released something...some sort of shell or something. You know you hear people talk about "it feels like a ton of bricks were lifted off my shoulders" but I swear, for real, something released out of my body. And it was amazing! For some reason it was an even crazier feeling than when the surgeon told us they were able to remove the tumor. It was the strongest, most powerful feeling thus far. Well, a close second would be when Aus left work to come home to tell me that they were going to operate. THAT was an incredible feeling, too. Anyway, my friend (also one of Austin's surgeons) at work actually texted me about 1:00 yesterday, "you saw the path report I'm guessing?" I replied..."umm, no!" "OMG, no" "what, what, what!" and then he told me. It was an amazing moment. Aus had just left the house headed back to work from his lunch break so I was sitting by myself and I just wept and wept and prayed and prayed and thanked the good Lord. I was so so happy, and they were finally happy, happy tears.


  1. So happy for you! It's always so hard waiting for the news, and when it's good news it's even better. Happy Weekend!