Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here we go!

Day One: I'm sitting here in the Cancer Center while Aus is back for his treatment. Today (8/8) is his first day of radiation and chemo. He took his chemo meds this morning and so far so good. He will take the chemo twice a day on days of radiation (Mon-Fri) for 5 and a half weeks. I'm hoping these weeks go by fast so we can put it behind us. We are both a little anxiuos about the side effects but I really do think he is going to be just fine. His body really is stuper strong and can handle a lot (hellllllo 5 lb tumor!) so I almost bet this radiation doesn't even phase him. I do worry about how tired he will be...from the radiation but also the fact that he has such long days, waking up at 6:00am to take his meds and get here by 7:00 for treatment. He doesn't want to miss any work so they were able to schedule his treatments before work with hopes that he could get to the office by 8:00. I am praying that he handles the radiation well and is able to drive himself here on days I am working. I will come with him as much as I can but on days I work he will have to come alone. :( I wish so bad I could come with him everyday, just so he didn't have to be alone, but he reassures me he is just fine. He is much braver than I am!

I will be back to update as he gets further into treatment. Please pray that he has minimal side effects and tolerates these next 5 and a half weeks just fine.

This is where all the magic happens! So thankful for this place. And double thankful that it's only 10 miles from our house. We are blessed beyond words.

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