Friday, August 10, 2012


We are back at the cancer center bright and early this morning. I am so thankful I am able to be here with Austin again today. Today is his 3rd treatment day and all is well with the radiation. The chemo, ehhh, not great, but not awful either. He has been having a few side effects but we are learning the best way to deal with those. I think eating a lot of food when he takes the pills definitely helps!

We are sooo glad it is Friday! Aus has a two day break and that is going to be so nice. Of the 5 and a half weeks he has to go through radiation week half is complete! Only 25 more zaps to go. It will go by fast, I know it will.

We have Abi this weekend and plan on relaxing and having lots of fun. We are thinking we will go to Emerald Point on Saturday for a super fun day of wave pools, lazy rivers and water slides! Austin will have to wear a shirt because he can't get much sun exposure but other than that he will be just fine. We are realllllly excited about it!! Right now we are definitely living for the weekends! Hope everyone else has a great weekend!!

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