Friday, August 24, 2012

Cancer...fuck you.

I hate you, cancer. I am so sick of you in our life. I am sick of watching my husband struggle to get through the day. I am so sick of watching him play strong. I am sick of talking about you. I am sick of people asking about you. I am sick of your facebook groups and all that people have to say about you. I am sick of all the pain you bring to so many lives. I am sick of the pain you bring to me and my husbands lives. I am sick of your ribbons and trinkets. I am sick of everything that makes me think of you, stupid cancer.

I want my life back. I want my husbands life back. My sweet little happy life that I love so much. I want to stop thinking about you, stop being consumed by you. Just go away.

Sorry I am not "embracing" my husbands cancer like I'm suppose to. Today I am angry, today I am venting. Today I want you the fuck out of our lives.

And please, I don't need anybody calling me to check in and make sure I am ok. I am fine, as fine as I can be dealing with my 28 year old husband battling cancer. I am just sick of this and in desperate need of a break, a break for Austin.

I will put the happy face back on tomorrow. But for right now, nothing says it better than...FUCK YOU, cancer.

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  1. Love you, ash. That's all I'll say. Actually I'll give cancer a big fuck you too. And throw in the middle finger as well just for emphasis, then I won't say anything else but I had to say I love you after reading this.