Friday, August 31, 2012

Finally another Friday!

So happy another Friday is here and another week of treatment is finished! Only 7 more treatment days left. 4 next week (they are closed on Labor day) and then 3 days the following week. We can do this!! Aus is such a trooper, but this week hasn't really been amazing. I think it's all just catching up to him, physically and mentally. It feels good to see that the end is so close in sight. I really have sympathy for all the people we see here...some in such bad shape. It makes me feel blessed about the situation that we are in. That this is only 5 weeks and that it is, for the most part, just to prevent a re-occurrence. For all we know Austin is completely cancer free right now, and that I have to believe. We aren't here doing chemo/radiation fighting for life like some of these poor souls are. I think it's hard to come here and see these people too. The sweet old men really get me.

About my post last week...thanks to everyone who called/texted to check in, I really appreciate it. I wasn't trying to say I didn't want to be contacted by anyone I just didn't want anyone to freak out and think I was having some major break down over here. I do have my fair share of break downs about this whole thing but I think that's pretty normal. We are making it and I, just like Aus, have good days and bad days. We have had quite the summer and I think it's all just hitting me. It blows my mind the path our life took. But all in God's wonderful plan I do know that. I am in good spirits this morning and ready for the weekend and some major R&R with Aus. And we have a 3 day weekend (with no work or treatment!) so that is music to our ears. 

We are headed to the lake this evening and will come back on Sunday. We have a few meetings with Windy Peak brides on Monday that we can't miss so Sunday evening it will have to be.

Also, my dad officially got a job offer at Wake Med and he starts mid September. I am so excited to have him close! He will be moving up here in the next week or so. 

Wishing everyone a fun Labor day weekend and hoping you spend it with the people you love!

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