Tuesday, January 1, 2013

24 weeks preggo!

How far along: 24 weeks! 

Size of baby: An ear of corn or a cantaloupe depending on which website you look at.   

Total weight gain/loss: went to the doctor today...17 pounds

Maternity clothes: Oh yea, and Santa brought me lots of new ones! 

Gender: Sweet baby boy! James Austin Green!

Movement: All the time and I love it!   

Sleep: Sleeping really good still. Had one restless night this week but I think it's because Austin was out of town. (I know, kinda lame!) 

What I miss: Well since it is New Year's Eve I am missing some glorious champagne. Or wine. Or shots. Whatever. 

Cravings: My sweet tooth has been out of control! I'm hoping it's just Christmas and all the yummy treats that have been laying around. 

Best moment this past week: Being with our families for Christmas. It always goes by so fast! We also made some nursery progress and the whole room is now empty and ready for paint. We built his little closet and I'll post a pic below. 

Symptoms: My right hand keeps going numb. I talked to the doctor today and she said it was normal, just related to swelling or baby laying on certain nerves. She said it will probably get worse. 

What I'm looking forward to: Our babymoon next week! Holy cow so soon!

Milestones: His nostrils are opening up (they have been plugged!) and his lungs are developing further. His skin is also becoming pinker, but it's still translucent.

Mood: happy and overwhelmingly blessed! ready for 2013!

Labor Signs: negative

Wedding rings on or off: on

My doctor appt went great...she said I got an A+ for this pregnancy so far! Baby's heart rate was 160 and he was moving like crazy. She said I was measuring right where I was suppose to be and my blood pressure was good too. She gave me the glucose drink so I will drink that before my next appt at 28 weeks to check for gestational diabetes. I'm sure that will be fine but I hope the drink goes down ok! After that apptointment we start going every 2 weeks, funnnnnnn! 

24 weeks...thanks to my Mama for the chalkboard art this week! 

Here is a before picture of the closet...

And after! We got the shelves at Home Depot and the blue baskets at The Container Store. I had looked for a while and these were perfect! Since his room is mostly gray and yellow with a little blue I wanted to tie more blue into the closet. I love how it turned out! (Shout out to my stepdad Bobby who built this! Don't know where I would be without all the handy men in my life!) 

17, 20 and 24 week comparison. 

Finished our Registry at Buy Buy Baby...glad to have that checked off the list!

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