Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fayetteville Shower

Yesterday we had a couples shower in Fayetteville hosted by my aunt Susan and Gammo. Everything was so nice and games were EVERYwhere! It was like a baby shower circus!! :) The food was awesome and we had so much fun seeing everyone. We have the best family and really appreciate all the love and support welcoming Baby Green!! 

Cute little cookie favors! 

Look famililar Katie and Fran? :)
Aus pinning the paci on the baby

Everyone wrote funny little messages on diapers so in the middle of the night while we are chaining them we have something to read! 
Wish cards for Baby James...Mom is going to make a book of all these for him to read one day!

I loved this...they had everyone sign two of our favorite books from when we were kids!

Sweet GiGi and me!

Present time!!

Us with GiGi and Granddad! 

This game was called "my water broke" and we all had mini plastic babies frozen in ice cubes and whoever could get their baby to melt out of the ice cube first won! I won! haha

Granddad and me

Love my Gammo! 

Aunt my sweet Suz!

And love my Margie! 

We had an awesome two weekends and are so blessed from our family and friends!! Love you all! 

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