Monday, February 11, 2013

30 weeks!

How far along: 30 weeks!  

Size of baby: A cucumber? Um, ok. If cucumbers weighed 3 pounds, maybe.  

Total weight gain/loss: Getting really close to 30 lbs now. weeee

Maternity clothes: Yessss.   

Gender: Sweet baby boy! James Austin Green!

Movement: Oh yea, baby is so active during the day and when we go to bed. I can feel his butt, head and different limbs. 

Sleep: As long as I'm sleeping with Aus sleep is good. He totally acts as my body pillow! I got a brace for my hand and I've been wearing it at night and I think it is really helping. 4 nights in a row with no screaming/crying fits! woohoo! 

What I miss: Nothing I can think of this week. 

Cravings: LOVE milk. I've been through a gallon every week the past few weeks and that isn't typical of me at all. I wake up in the mornings craving a huge glass of milk and peanut butter on wheat toast. mmmm!

Best moment this past week: Lots of QT with my mama! She came for both baby showers but is headed back to Chicago in the morning. We got sooo much done and had so much fun together. I hate seeing her leave but she will be here again real real soon. 

Symptoms: This carpel tunnel still stinks. My fingers stay numb almost all day but at night things are getting a little better with the brace. My doctor told me today it probably won't go away until 2-3 weeks AFTER I deliver! grrrrreat. Had some pretty emotional/hormonal moments this week. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with alllll the stuff we need for this kid. 

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our sweet baby! I find myself thinking about labor and delivery a lot now. I just can't WAIT to see what he looks like and kiss every inch of him!

Milestones:  Little boy is strong enough to grasp a finger! He is gaining weight and his brain is growing and growing

Mood: happy but super emotional!    

Labor Signs: no no thank goodness! 

Wedding rings on or off: on

We went to the doctor today (Mom went with me since she was in town) and everything was great. My blood pressure was 110/69, I had gained 3 lbs, baby measured correctly and his heart rate was normal. Mom loved hearing his little heart beat!! I'm glad she could experience that. I go back in 2 weeks. 

So, in 2 weeks, February 26th will be a big day for us. In the morning Austin has his routine 4 month CT scan, labs and doctor appointment. I KNOW we are going to get good news but the nerves are definitely still there. Hearing that he is still cancer free is going to be an amazing feeling so a big part of me is excited for the scan, to hear the good news. Then later in the afternoon of the 26th we have a growth ultrasound of the baby. We haven't seen him since 17 weeks so this is super exciting. They will tell us how much he weighs and his position and all that goodness. We are hoping February 26th will be a really really good day for Team Green!

And here you go...30 week pic!

I'm not gonna lie...I feel huge! Am I going to have a huge baby? Do I have a ton of extra fluid? Did they miscalculate my due date by about 6 weeks? Those are things I think of when I look at this picture, haha. 

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  1. ha, i have the same worries! I'm 35 weeks on Thursday and can't imagine my stomach getting any bigger!