Monday, April 29, 2013

39 weeks...a little late

Baby James is here! But I wanted to finish this survey I started so I had it for my journal. I planned on finishing it Monday night in the hospital but that obviously did not 2 weeks later...

How far along: 39 weeks!  

Size of baby: A watermelon!

Maternity clothes: Yes, of course.

Gender: Sweet baby boy! James Austin Green! 

Movement:  Lots and lots. I know I'm going to miss it so much once this is over! 

Sleep:   Isn't great but I do get a solid 8 hours each night. 

What I miss: Missing it all but trying so hard to enjoy it until the last second.      

Cravings: Loving fruit and still love dairy...back on the orange juice kick too. 

Best moment this past week:  Setting a date of our induction... 39 weeks, April 15th, 2013! 

Symptoms: Same ol' same ol'. 

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our sweet baby! 

Milestones: He is a real life baby now! 

Mood: Getting really anxious about this induction and how it's all going to go down. 

Labor Signs: Still having BH contractions like whoa. 

Wedding rings on or off: Off. Hopefully back on soon!  

Here it is...the last chalk board pic! So glad we made it this far Baby James! 

Sweet baby James' birth story is coming up next! 

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