Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Birth Story - James Austin Green

Here is our story, the day my heart left my chest... 

Since my blood pressure had been borderline high the last few weeks of my pregnancy our doctors decided to go ahead and set an induction date for me at 39 weeks. We went in April 15th at 7pm and started the process. 

Monday evening, April 15th, they inserted a foley bulb -  a bulb filled with water that sits inside my cervix and dilates me to about 3 cm. They inserted that, it hurt a bit, and then I had some mild cramping through the night.  I was still able to sleep fairly well and thanks to the advice from my friend Candace I took the ambien when they offered it! They also drew some blood, started my IV, and monitored the baby for about 2 hours. She did have to stick me 4 times before she got my IV (ridiculous...) but whatever, it was in. 

6:00 am came quick and they started the Pitocin - the labor inducing drug to really get my contractions going. My contractions started a few hours after the Pitocin and they felt like bad period cramps. Around 10:00 am they checked me and I had dilated to 4 cm and effaced about 75%. My contractions were fairly strong and about 2 minutes a part. We were happy, and excited, making great progress. They asked me if I wanted an epidural but I felt ok and kept going without it.

It wasn't until about noon that I got the epidural. That went well, didn't hardly hurt at all, and I felt a ton better once that was running. I mostly had intense lower back pain so the epidural really relieved that. I had a perfect epidural, I could still move my legs a little but I was totally pain free. I knew the anesthesiologist who placed my epidural so the familiar face was nice. And he got it on the first attempt, thank you doctor! 

1:00 pm and they checked me again, I was 5 cm and baby was still up pretty high but I was dilating, so that was good progress. At that time they also broke my water. That didn't hurt, thanks to the epidural, but it was a massive amount of fluid and I felt like I kept peeing in the bed for the remainder of my labor. Lovely. During the entire day we had our families in and out and we were able to hang out and chill. It was a fairly relaxing day and Austin and I both were just so excited for what was to come. 

Some of James' welcoming committee in the waiting room. 

They checked me again around 3:30 pm and I was still 5 cm. Not too discouraged then as they said the epidural could slow my labor progression but not to worry.  

We didn't start to worry until the next check around 6:30 pm. I was still 5 cm and that's when they mentioned the C word. I have to admit, I was pretty upset. I had a good cry with Austin and got it all out, partially hormones but also partially scared that I was going to be drugged and out of it when my baby was born. I feared I wouldn't remember it and feared I would miss those precious moments of introducing my son to my parents. That was all I could think about. About that time the CRNA who was going to be doing my anesthesia came in to talk to me. I told her why I was upset and asked her if she could only dose my epidural and not give me any sedation via my IV. She said that was definitely possible and that I could stay awake the whole time. I was so relieved! Also, my nurse came in and told me I didn't go to a recovery room but came right back to the labor room I had been laboring in all day and that my parents could come back as soon as we returned with the baby. That made me feel so much better. Also about that time my epidural started to wear off or stopped working. I was having super intense painful contractions. I couldn't talk or hardly breathe. I had a good hour of that pain before it was time to go back to the operating room.  Mom and Dad came in, we said our goodbyes and off we went to the operating room about 7:30 that evening. 

Austin got all suited up and they took me in and put me on the OR table. They prepped me and got me ready and Austin was back with me about 10 minutes later. Austin sat at my head and talked to me the whole time.

He was able to stand up and watch the whole thing, which was a pretty amazing experience for him. I felt pressure and pulling but didn't have any pain and felt totally with it and like my normal self which I am so thankful for. A little while later they told Austin they were about to pull James out and to get his camera ready. It was so cool listening to Austin's reaction watching our son being born. I couldn't see anything but it's almost as if I could see it just by listening to Aus's reactions. It was so intense. They pulled him out and I waited for that cry. That sweet cry. It felt like it was forever before he let it out. It was such a rush of emotions and when I heard him I swear he sounded like my baby. I knew it was him! I knew it was him right behind that curtain and I couldn't hardly wait to see him. Austin went over with him and cut his umbilical cord and watched them clean him up. I still couldn't see but I could hear everything and loved listening to Austin eww and aww over him. My heart was melting.  

April 16th, 2013 at 8:29pm:  8 pounds 12 ounces, 20.5 inches long. 

There was a whole lot of "wow's" coming out of his mouth. A few minutes later they brought him over to me and Austin held him at my head. I was able to kiss him and smell him and the CRNA even untied my hands so I could touch and love on him. He was so perfect. It was an immediate love and an unexplainable connection I felt to him. All I could think was "this is him, he is really here" that sweet baby I had felt moving inside me for months was now staring me in the eyes. I couldn't wait to get off that OR table and hold him in my arms.

They finished sewing me up and moved me back to my bed and back to the laboring room we went. 

We were in our room for about 15 minutes and then we were able to call our parents back to meet their grandson. Mine and Austin's parents all came in together and the introduction went just as I had always envisioned it. I could hardly wait to show my sweet  baby boy to my mom and dad! The emotions in that room were intense.  

Although James' entrance into this world didn't happen as I had hoped, none of that mattered anymore. I was holding my sweet baby boy and he had my heart the minute he locked his eyes with mine. 

I'm so in love with you James Austin. You have forever changed my life and I promise to be the best mommy to you I can possibly be. And to your Daddy, my sweet husband, thank you for this incredible day. You know the amount of love I have for you and I look forward to our new life together with our sweet baby James.


  1. What a great story!! I love you and your sweet little family!

  2. Ok I am crying my eyes out over here! Beautiful story!!!

  3. I can't stop crying. You did a great job telling his birth story!!