Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The first few weeks at home

I don't even know where to start. I have so much to blog about and so little time to do it. I really want to write down these memories and moments as I know they will leave my memory so quickly. Oh how precious these first few weeks have been! Thank goodness for the iPhone camera. 

So let's see. James was born on Tuesday, April 16th and we brought him home on Friday,  April 19th. Shortly after we got home we were greeted with Austin's siblings - Peyt, Alissa and Caroline joined us and then Leila and Jeremy came in a few hours later. We had a full house on our first night home and we didn't want it any other way! My mom was here too, of course. Speaking of my mom (GiGi) she stayed with us until James was 2 weeks and 2 days old! It was AMAZING. We loved having her here and all the help she gave us. Holy cow have I missed her! She will be back soon..4 weeks to be exact! 

On Sunday April 18th James went for his first doctor appointment. He had lost a bit more weight so we had to go back for weight checks for several days. I also had to pump and give him additional breast milk with the SNS system. It was...interesting. More on that on a whole different post.

Sometimes we make a mess while we eat. :)

James is 3 weeks old now and we have had lots and lots of visitors. Lots of friends and family and it's been great. This Monday was actually my first full day alone with him and it was so fun. I've been alone with him all week now (3 days) and absolutely love it. I love having him all to myself and I love being able to do whatever we want! We spend our days cuddling, nursing, and changing lots of poop! I think I will do a post on a typical day for us soon, but for now this post is filled with lots of randomness and lots of pictures.

Lots of skin to skin time for James and me. My favorite part of our day. 

He went out on his first shopping trip on Friday April 26th. I used the Moby wrap and he LOVED it. We were out for several hours and he did awesome! 

Last week James' belly button stump fell off. It was still a little gooey so I was skeptical to submerge him in water. He has been getting bird baths with a washcloth but all that changed last night when he had his first bath! He did awesome and LOVED the water. He just chilled and took it all in. Austin videoed it with our big camera so I'll try to post that when I can. I wasn't really surprised with how much he loved the water, he is a super chill baby but also I loooove water so of course I knew he would be just like his mama! :) 

 We are so blessed with such a good baby. He is SO chill. I swear he hardly ever cries. He mostly cries for one reason - he's hungry. He will cry randomly when he has gas issues or just wants to be held. Overall he has been so awesome and so easy. He sleeps great at night in his newborn sleeper next to our bed, up every 3-4 hours (last night he did a 5 hour stretch!!) and he nurses and goes right back to sleep. He eats well and does everything he is suppose to do. Our only trouble has been my low milk supply and trying to get that up but that's a whole post in itself. He is just such a good baby, I am one proud proud mama!  These 3 weeks have gone by so fast. 


  1. He is so stinkin cute! He and Holt need a play date!!

  2. I need him (and you) in my life...SOON!!!

  3. Candace yes they do!!! Katie come play...NOW!