Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few firsts in baby land

A few of James' firsts!

First bottle (and first time Daddy feeding him!) - May 1st, 2.5 weeks old
I was super nervous about him taking a bottle and having issues breast feeding but he has done both and takes both like a champ. He's my little barracuda. :)

First time wearing Alabama gear - May 4th, 2.5 weeks old

First time putting my wedding rings back on - May 3rd, 2.5 weeks old

First real bath - May 7th, 3 weeks old
He LOVES his baths. 

First time Mama went grocery shopping with baby SOLO!  - May 11th, 3.5 weeks old
All went well and little James slept in the Moby the whole time. 

First time out to dinner - May 8th, 3 weeks old
Mexican of course! He slept the whole time. 

First days with a paci - May 11th, 3.5 weeks old
He seems to like it ok, but only if I'm holding it in place. Other times he just spits it out. 

First Mother's Day for me! - May 12th, almost 4 weeks old
Thank you for this holiday, James! You are my perfect boy!

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