Thursday, May 16, 2013

JAG is one month old...seriously? how did we get here?

I'm going to do these surveys every month to keep up with James' progress and updates. Y'all know I love a good survey. :)

Weight: 10 lbs 12 oz! He gained exactly 2 lbs on the doctors scale today. Happy Mama and growing baby! 

Health: Seems to be perfectly healthy. Every time we go to the doctor they tell us how healthy of a little boy we have - seriously the best thing a parent can ever hear.

Sleep: He does pretty well. He sleeps a good 4 hour stretch (usually midnight to 4am) and then he's up every 3 hours. He eats and goes right back to sleep, which is nice. Occasionally he eats and he's very awake and bright eyed but I swaddle him back up and put him in his sleeper by our bed and he goes back to sleep. I think I fall back sleep before he does! During the day he sleeps a lot too, but has several hours of awake time, too.

Clothes:  We are mostly wearing 0-3 month clothes and PJ's. I'll still squeeze him into his newborn gowns but they are fast retiring. Actually, I think right now would be a great day to pack away all his newborn clothes. Still in newborn diapers but as soon as this box is finished we'll be moving up to Size 1. tear. 

Social: He loves to look around and loves bright lights and ceiling fans. He can recognize Austin and I's voices and turns his head to us when he hears us. We're pretty sure he has smiled at us a time or two - not gas smiles but real smiles!
Diet: Breast milk and a little formula supplement to keep up with his huge appetite. I have had low milk supply issues but we are getting there...finally! He roughly eats 3-4 ounces every 3 hours but it's hard to know exactly what he's getting when I'm breast feeding. As long as he's gaining weight, I'm good!

Baby Gear Love: His favorite is the Moby wrap for sure. He LOVES it. I think the combination of the body heat, tight swaddle and hearing my heart beat he feels like he's right back in his little womb. He also loves the MamaRoo swing, loves the bouncy seat, and his sleeper at night. He sleeps in the Rock-n-Play sleeper at night and also will sit and chill while I shower and get ready. He also loves looking and  listening to the mobile in his crib!

Crying: Pretty much only cries when he's hungry. He is a little more fussy at night, I guess just normal baby fussiness? We can't ever seem to figure out a reason for it. Maybe gas? Who knows, but it's tolerable and doesn't last too long. The boy just likes his food and he's good!

Likes: Cuddling with his mama, and his daddy, too. Eating! Baths, he loves the warm water flowing over him. Being swaddled up like a burrito, chilling in the Moby wrap or MamaRoo, listening to the ocean waves or heavy rain on our "white noise" apps. Also, he loves to suck his fingers, not always his thumb, but really just any finger he can manage!

Dislikes: Rub downs with lotion, clothing going over his head, waiting for food and having his diaper changed. 

Postpartum: ehh, I suppose I'm getting there in the weight department. I've lost about half the weight but still have a long way to go. Austin and I are about to start our protein shakes and try to really make some moves down the scale! I've been feeling great otherwise. I was really nervous about postpartum blues/depression but thank God I haven't had to deal with that. I am honestly surprised at how happy and up beat I've felt...a ton better than I thought I would feel. And the recovery from the C-section wasn't bad at all. The pain was totally manageable and almost 100% gone after 4 or 5 days. I really feel almost back to normal again. Slightly more tired than before, but even that has been a ton better than I thought it would be. I guess since he gets up and he goes right back to sleep I'm still getting a good 6-8 hours of sleep each night, so it's really not bad at all. 

Milestones: Hmm. Not sure we've had any of those? He holds his head up for short periods of time and it's so cute. And he did roll over from his back to his side when he was like 1 week old. But I think that was some crazy fluke or something. Who knows but I don't like this growing up faster than we are suppose to business!

I am going to try and get better - I HAVE to start taking pictures with my camera and not my phone. The iPhone does take great pictures but as far as high quality and printing them - not so much. I hope for his 2 month post I have a bunch of great real camera pictures and not so much of this iPhone business! 

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