Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sick little Bax

We have a sick kitty on our hands! We took Baxter to the vet on Monday because we noticed he was licking himself constantly "down there". I goggled the possible reasons for this and pretty much everything I read was talking about a urinary tract infection or urethral block, which is a medical emergency in cats and can sometimes be life-threatening.  After reading this I called the vet first thing Monday morning and they of course, wanted me to bring him in.  They said he had a high pH in his urine and had crystals (stones) in his urine.  These crystals can sometimes cause a blockage in the urter, so they were very glad we brought him in.  From what they described and I've read, I think these are very similar to kidney and bladder stones in humans. They gave him a onetime antibiotic by injection and some ointment we took home with us.  We put the ointment on his paws once a day and he licks it off.  I've smeared it on him twice and he looks at me like 'what in the world!' and then flees off. He isn't a big fan of getting dirty so he licks it off immediately.  Later that night, he was acting really weird and we could tell he didn't want to sit on his bum.  He started crying real loud and was in obvious distress.  He then peed on the floor!  We called the emergency vet line and they told us to watch him and make sure he pees ever 4-6 hours and if he stops we needed to bring him in immediately because a blockage may have occurred.  It was so hard for Aus and I to watch him cry.  After he peed (maybe passed a stone?) he was acting much better and finally fell asleep. The vet also told us he was dehydrated and to give him wet food (which he normally never gets) and mix it with a little water.  Now, THIS makes him one happy cat!  I never knew there were sooo many flavors/types of wet food for cats. Today he was chowing down on shrimp and salmon! Yummy! Prayers that our sweet kitty gets better soon!

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