Thursday, March 31, 2011

San Diego #2

Remember our San Diego trip a while back? Well, Aus just posted an awesome entry on his blog and you must check it out here. Check out those pictures of our resort - is he awesome or what? My husband is so talented!

Also, people were always asking me about his job and it was so hard to explain exactly what he did.  He posted a few pictures so you can get an idea of what he did while he traveled on those meetings (this is his old travel-every-week job).  He recently took a new one so he didn't have to leave me every week. Ain't he sweet?! Enjoy his super fun post!

P.S. Do I look like some sort of bug in all those pictures or what?


  1. I check your blog regularly Mrs. Green and for the past week or so I have been very disappointed. As much as I love your San Diego post, I think it's time you update and post something new. Seeing as we literally emailed all day, I think you have the time...
    As your #1 fan you don't want to lose me as a follower...just saying.

  2. haha! Well considering I e-mailed back and forth with you all day yesterday what could I possibly blog that I haven't already told you about?!? I will have many many posts after this weekend! I shall think of something soon for my #1 fan!