Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This and That

Happy Wednesday! I am already anticipating the weekend - we have a bridal shoot on Sunday that I am super excited about!  We can't put the pictures online until after the wedding is over (July 3rd) in fear that her beloved may see her in her white dress. I'm thinking I may be able to sneak a few on here though so stay tuned next week. 

Last weekend Aus and I went out for dinner and drinks at The Chop House and you all know that was a good meal!!! We rewarded ourselves since we hadn't been out to eat all week - this is huge for us. I had crab cakes and Aus - take a guess?!? Steak? You know it! He even ate his flower! :)

We are getting better though, much better, and actually started our its-getting-warm-out-summer-is-near diet.  We are using an app on our phone called 'My Fitness pal' to log everything we eat and count calories.  I'm eating 1250 and Aus is eating 1890. It's pretty tight but we are motivated!  I've gained about 12 lbs since our wedding and Aus, ehhh 25? No worries, we will be back and ready for our bikinis in no time! Yea right, who is ever ready for that?!

I gave my boss my letter of resignation this week and my last day in the SICU is officially April 27th. It's bitter sweet. As much as I bitch and moan about this place, I'm definitely going to miss it and the girls I work with. It was my first job in my nursing career and I'll never forget how much it taught me. They say this is the hardest/fastest ICU in the hospital and Duke is one of the top hospitals in America, so you can image what I've seen and endured in this place. I'm glad I made my roots here; I will always appreciate the experiences and education I've been given.

 Molly is doing well, getting bigger and stronger each day.  She keeps us on our toes that's for sure.  She still pees every 30 minutes, in the house or not, chews on any and everything, at all times, terrorizes the cat and rarely listens to a damn word we say. :)  We're working on it though! When we went for our normal trail walk on Saturday we decided to put her in her kennel instead of riding in my lap.  We want her to get use to it as a pup.  She does pretty well in the house but she cried the whole ride to the park!

We have paid the deposit on our fence and it should be going up next week. We. can. not. wait! It will help things so much, and allow her to get out all this crazy energy she builds up. I will post pics when it's finished!

Sorry these pictures are dark.  I also just learned you can click on pictures and they will come up real big! Nice!

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