Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New Adventure

I finally heard from UNC this week and unfortunately I don't have good news to report.  They told me they went with another candidate but would have a few more opening this summer they would like to consider me for.  I interviewed for two jobs the end of February and have been torn as to which I would take, so this makes my decision easy. I was leaning more towards the UNC position as a Documentation Specialist just because it was something completely different (no more direct patient care) with a totally new schedule. I am still excited though and will be taking a new position at WakeMed and will start in the next month or so. I will be casual staff in the float pool, meaning I'll work all over the hospital in various ICU's. This position has some mega perks compared to the job I have now. No more holidays, EVER, no weekends, I can work days or nights, and I decide the shifts I want to work THE WEEK OF.  That is huge for me.  I have no commitment and can decide on Sunday evening the shifts I want to work for the following week. I will work 2-3 12 hour shifts per week and won't know where I'll be working until I get to the hospital each morning. The other perk - major salary increase!! Since I am casual (not receiving benefits) the rate of pay much higher.  Now that Austin and I are married, I can be on his health insurance and don't really need my own. So, in exchange for benefits, most hospitals have an option for nurses that don't need benefits and compensate them with a higher rate of pay.  I am very excited for this new journey (and challenge) since I won't have a home base unit anymore and won't really ever know anyone I'm working with since I float between 9 different ICU's!! The thoughts of working in Neuro or Cardiac ICU's scare me a bit but I am ready for the new adventure and to broaden my knowledge base past surgery and trauma. I will keep everyone posted about when I'll officially be starting and blog (of course!) about my new journey. :)

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