Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mini house tour!

I"ve been meaning to post a few pics of the new hardwood floors and now that our new Windy Peak office is almost finished I figured I would snap that and the rest of the downstairs too. 

I loooove the floors. It made our house feel so open and flow together so much better. My dad, Austin and I did it all ourselves. It wasn't hard really, just super time consuming and labor intensive. 

 We got a new sectional and rug in the den so here are the photos of the new den:

We moved all of our dining room furniture (which I loved so much, but I know I will have it again one day) to my Dad's house so now we have space to work. This was desperately needed. It's coming together well. We are about to order a huge 30x40 canvas wrap of Molly to go over the desk. 

New lamps in the foyer:

And the kitchen and breakfast area. No new changes here, just the floors. This is pretty much the whole downstairs of our house, minus the hallway and powder room. 

I finally feel like my house is coming back together after almost 2 months of crazy! Although because the nursery is still a work in progress the garage still looks like a work shop. I will post pictures of the new upstairs rooms as soon as they are finished! 

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