Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Easy like Sunday Mornin'

Sunday we took it easy - roller skating, NASCAR and a trip to the SPCA pretty much sums up our day.  Aus was glued to the race all day so Abi and I decided to take a trip out to the SPCA to peek at the pups.  We've been talking about a new dog for a while now, pretty much since we built this house.  Now that our new job plans are official we are really getting serious about a purchase. So exciting!  Abi had a great time loving on the little guys and learning about the shelter. We took 3 different pups in the "get to know" rooms to play with for a bit. We came home empty handed, but I do believe if Aus was with us we would of come home with that little black and white hound, Stan.  He was real sweet and looks almost identical to Peyt and Lis's dog, Bosley, whom we loooove!

 Aus's race day manwhich.  Ridiculous!

She is getting so good! 


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