Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hellooooo Doggie!

We need help! Austin and I have been thinking/talking about getting a dog for quite a while now and are soon approaching the reality of a new four legged friend. Excitement!!! As soon as we moved into our house and had a yard, we knew we wanted a pup as soon as we could swing it.  We were so busy planning our wedding (I was busy) and with Austin's crazy travel schedule, a dog just hasn't been possible for us for the past year and a half. Well, now that Aus will finally have a normal schedule (with a job 2 miles from our house) we are ready to take on a new friend and the challenges of puppyhood! It works out great with his job being so close and having an hour lunch break so he can come home and let our new baby out to potty.

Our Dilemma: What type of dog do we get?
We have visited the SPCA, and as much as we would love to adopt a dog, we haven't been able to find exactly what we are looking for.  Plus, they never have tiny puppies (usually at least 5 months) and we really think for Baxter's sake, we need to bring him a little baby so he doesn't feel threatened and is able to grow with him and learn to love him. :) (Our hopes at least.) We have gone back and forth on which breed to buy, researched and read about them until no end, and have narrowed it down to two.  Two very different breeds...

The Boxer
The Boxer has many qualities we like. They are great with families, kids and other pets with a loyal and protective temperament.  They are friendly and attentive and develop strong bonds with their family. They have short hair (minimal shedding) so grooming and bathing is kept at a minimum.  They aren't known to bark unless they feel threatened and are easily trained because of their intelligence level. They are a bit larger than what we would prefer, weighing in at 50-60 lbs for females, and 55-70 lbs for males. (We would definitely get a female for this very reason!)

How precious are these  babies!!!

But then they do turn into this...

The German Shorthaired Pointer
Our other contender: the German Shorthaired Pointer, and if it were up to Aus, this would definitely be his new best friend. I must admit, they are growing on me, and after searching for puppies and seeing these sweet things, I may just have to let him win this battle. They have lots of great characteristics too: loyal, brave, intelligent, and eager to learn. They seem to be great with children and other house hold pets as well. Easy maintenance with their coat, as they need minimal bathing and grooming and rarely shed. Austin's favorite? He can take him huntin'!  Aus says he's a country boy at heart and he can't wait to get him that there dog and get him a pick em up truck and shoot at some deer! Yee-haw! I do worry about how much activity they need, plus how hyper they are, as they were made to hunt and run the farm. Their size is better, weighing in at 40-45 lbs for females, and 50-65lbs for males. Another plus: their life expectancy.  Most dogs (they say) live between 10 and 12 years, and it's not uncommon for these pointers to live until they are 18!


I'll take that!  

So ridiculous!!!
 Maybe we should get Baxter's opinion?

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  1. Welllll you know I am a fan of adopting dogs BUT after seeing these cute little things I'll keep my mouth shut. :) Our next door neighbor has a German Shorthaired Pointer and she is very sweet and obedient! Kevin's friend has a boxer and she has a hilarious personality but super hyper. She already had to have knee surgery (she's not even 2 yet!) because she runs so many laps around their front yard! haha!
    They are both very cute dogs and you'll be happy with either choice. Let me know how tomorrow goes!!!! This is so exciting!! Lady can have a best friend!! :)